a warbler
Dennis Cheeseman writes: Lots of warblers Tuesday at Mill Creek Marsh. Still debating the ID on a few of them.

We posted the easiest one the biggest just to sucker you in.

Can you help Dennis?


4 thoughts on “Often-Confusing-Fall-Warblermania

  1. Patrick Carney

    Feels like that Mega Tuesday Teaser all over again.

    Pine Warbler, Pine Warbler, Palm Warbler, Northern Parula, Black-Throated Green Warbler, Yellow Warbler (Female), and Cape May Warbler (!).

    1. Patrick Carney

      Can I correct myself? 😉 The second warbler (warbler 4) seems to have orange legs which make me think Blackpoll Warbler.

  2. RF

    Wow some tricky ones here: First one I’m stumped but looks like a dull Blackburnian…the 2nd looks to be an Im fe. Parula…the rest are: Palm, Parula, BT Green, Yellow, and Cape May…


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