Yep, the Pelican Is Still @ DeKorte Park

We started our “When Will the Pelican Leave?” context nearly a month ago, and George continues as of this afternoon.  21 contestants have been voted off the island; 20 remain.

Winner gets a pontoon boat trip for two. In case of a tie, winners each get a trip for two.


3 thoughts on “Yep, the Pelican Is Still @ DeKorte Park

  1. Fred

    Hello, I was not even aware o a George when will the Pelican leave e contest. when were was it posted, Do to my disability I have been having hard time missing out on walks and a lot of other things, The Observatory dwn there one of my best passion , yet unable to go do to health, And missing out on just every day outings for me are rest in the house, So is this contest still on? if so can entry’s still be made if yes, how is it done? is there a fee? If entry’s are no longer excepted I wish George the pelican a safe healthy trip where ever he goes, and comes back again sometime to visit us. Did anyone know if Pelican was banded, It would be great interest where he or her is from, what the thought why a long pelican would visit here of all places to visit he is way out of his area yes?

    1. Jim Wright Post author

      Sorry you missed the contest — the deadline was a month ago because we just didn’t know and still don’t know when it will leave — tomorrow or next year… We do not think the pelican is banded. You’re right. It would be great to know it is from.

      Thanks .


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