The Pelican Contest Winner Is…

DSCN9046Congratulations to Sura Polne, who came closest to predicting the date when George the Pelican would be last seen in DeKorte Park.

The rare pelican was first seen on July 6 on our First Sunday of the Month walk. We started the contest in mid-August. He was last seen on Friday, Oct. 17. The above photo is the last photo of George in DeKorte Park that we know of. (If you listen closely, you can hear the sad violin music accompanying the photo.)

George stayed at least 104 days — he may have been there earlier and we just did not see the little (when you are far away) guy. He was named after the crime novelist George Pelecanos.

Here are the winners  (drum roll, please):
First Place: Sura Polne, Oct. 11  (within six days).

Second Place:  Rosie Widmer, Oct. 10 (within seven days).

Third Place: Mary Diane Hausman, Oct. 25  (within eight days).

Sura wins an NJMC 2015 two-hour guided pontoon boat ride for two. Well-played.

Rosie and Mary Diane win our eternal admiration.

(Congrats to the three winners, as well as the many others who entered the contest, and a big thank you to George for hanging around so long!)


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