Daily Archives: February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!

groundhog 2015

Like most of us, this DeKorte Park groundhog just keeps getting better and better looking.  (We think he must have seen more than his shadow.)

Actually, we’re just looking for an excuse to run this insane photo by Dennis Cheeseman again.   That’s why you might have the feeling you’ve seen it before. Happy Groundhog Day.

Introducing Myself – Lisa Cameron

I am honored to have been asked to carry on the Meadowlands Nature Blog, following the departure of its founder, Jim Wright. My background is in fine art and Landscape Architecture, so my perspective will be somewhat different from Jim’s. Landscape Architecture is part ecology, part urban planning, part site engineering, part horticulture, part social work and part poetry. It is an integrative art, and I hope to write about the nature of the meadowlands in a integrated way.

I welcome comments and suggestions from readers. Let’s explore this unique environment together.


copyright 2011, Lisa Cameron