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Super Bird Sunday Postgame Report

Is this what they call Tuesday-morning quarterbacking?  We’re happy to report that 30 people attended our 6th Annual Super Bird Sunday walk. Prizes were awarded to the first birder to sight a species that has an NFL team named after it. Super Bird Sunday 2015

Don Torino reports:  “We had 30 enthusiastic people join us for Super Bird Sunday, although birding was slower than normal because of the water being frozen. We did get to enjoy three adult bald eagles as well as one immature bird. A Red-Shouldered Hawk gave the folks a thrill as it flew over us on Disposal Road. We also had three lucky prize winners: NJMC tee-shirts and a hat were awarded for sightings of an EAGLE, a CARDINAL and a Green Bay Wood-PACKER!

What We Might See in February

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For this entry, we thought we’d check back at what we posted last February. The world may be changing quickly, but these links remain topical.

Just click on the text to link to last year’s post.

Feb. 7: Now that’s a Sunset   (Photo above, by M.E. Raine)

Feb. 21: Treasure Trove of Meadowlands Maps

Feb. 21: DeKorte Snow Scenes

Feb. 27: Banded Northern Harrier

Feb. 27: More DeKorte Snowy Owl Pix

Feb. 28: Ravens in Carlstadt