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Maple Syrup is Made in New Jersey Too

NJ sugaring by-001It’s almost that time…that magical time when warming days and still-freezing nights awaken the trees from their winter dormancy. That ‘s when the sap starts to flow. And people all over the northeast make maple syrup, including those right here in New Jersey.

The making of maple syrup and maple sugar, know collectively as sugaring, is a process which dates back hundreds of years. Early myths about maple are widespread among the Eastern Woodland Indians, including the Abenaki, Iroquois, and Micmac, though sugaring’s true origins are not clear.

There are several maple sugaring events taking place in NJ soon, beginning this weekend. Click here for a list of family-friendly events around the state.

Click here for an article from the University of Vermont about the history of sugaring in America.

Or maybe you’d enjoy a short essay I recently  wrote about an unforgettable experience I had sugaring in Vermont many years ago: