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A Tribute to Aunt Rose

Mickey Raine sent in the following, lovely tribute to his wife Elaine’s Aunt Rose:

067 V Sunrise 001bf RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ NYC n Freedom Tower Vw 101915 OK FLICKRI had driven over to DeKorte Park very early this morning, hoping to capture some pre-sunrise and sunrise hour scenes.  We had just learned about the passing of Elaine’s Aunt Rose in San Jose, California, and I, too, felt her to be a truly special lady–an infinitely devoted mother, grandmother, wife and sister.

Rose Ichishita (Aunt Rose)

Rose Ichishita (Aunt Rose)

She always seemed to be of great spirits, in spite of her personal conditions, much like our dear friend Tricia, who had just passed away.  Elaine had just had one of her long and fun chats with Rose no more than two weeks ago.

This may sound corny, but sunset and sunrise landscape viewings can be deep solace for the soul, while also, quite inspirational.

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Reminder: BCAS Nature Walk at Laurel Hill Park Tomorrow!

Northern Harrier Credit NJSEA

Join the Bergen County Audubon Society tomorrow, Oct. 20, for their Third-Tuesday-of-the-Month  Meadowlands Nature Walk. The free walk is at Laurel Hill Park in Secaucus from 10 am to noon. Keep an eye out for migrating raptors, shorebirds and other birds of interest, like the Northern Harrier shown in this post. The walk meets at the main parking lot by the ball fields. For more information, email greatauk4@gmail.com or call 201-230-4983.