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Classic Pose

Marsh Wren Iron Cross Pose DeKorte 6.4.16Marsh Wren Iron Cross Pose2 DeKorte 6.4.16

Above are photos of a Marsh Wren showing off its gymanstic talent with a variation of the Iron Cross. It features the wren triumphantly spread between two stalks, with one foot on each.

In gymnastics, the Iron Cross is a difficult maneuver on the rings in which the gymnast extends  both arms straight out from the sides of the body while suspended in mid-air for at least two seconds.

Thanks to Mickey Raine, who captured the Marsh Wren striking the pose at DeKorte Park on Saturday.

Get Ready for Butterflies – and Butterfly Day! – at DeKorte Park

White Cabbage Butterfly DeKorte 5.31.16

Cabbage White Butterflies are beginning to make their presence known at DeKorte Park, as these photos taken last week by Mickey Raine show. We should be seeing Monarchs, Swallowtails, Skippers and more in the next month. And don’t forget Butterfly Day, on Saturday, July 30, from 10 am to 3 pm.

Our annual celebration of the winged marvels at DeKorte Park features walks, talks and plenty of activities for kids including a scavenger hunt, face painting and a butterfly costume contest. The free event is co-sponsored by the Bergen County Audubon Society and the North American Butterfly Association – North Jersey Chapter.

White Cabbage Butterfly2 DeKorte  5.31.16 White Cabbage Butterfly3 DeKorte 5.31.16 White Cabbage Butterfly4 DeKorte  5.31.16

BCAS Eco-Art Competition Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the BCAS 2016 Eco-Art Contest! The awards were presented on Saturday at the Meadowlands Environment Center. Below is a complete list of winners. Photos to follow.

BCAS 2016 Eco-Art Contest Winners

Participating schools:  East Brook Elementary School-Park Ridge, Emerson Jr. High, Oradell Public School, St. Joseph Academy-Bogota, West Ridge Elementary School-Park Ridge

Grade 2

1st Place-Maya E.

2nd Place-Arianna D.

3rd Place-Madison K.

Honorable Mention

Celine A., Kathleen B., Annabel L., Leila S., Carly S.


Julia B., Elizabeth B., Samantha D., John M., Veer M.,

Grade 3

1st Place-Sharon S.

2nd Place-Anna A.

3rd Place-Adam A.

Honorable Mention

Kate D., Kiera M., Connor O., Aldila S., Ava Z.


Eleni D., Madison O., Gabriel T., John S., Brynn W.

Grade 4

1st Place-Hailey D.

2nd Place-Nirvana R.

3rd Place-Sophia C.

Honorable Mention

Olivia B., Dillon B., Aubrey L., Omar L., Sophia T.


Ava K., Myla L., John M., Daniel S., Christopher W.

Grade 5

1st Place-Yuya N.

2nd Place-Audrey G.

3rd Place-Michelle M.

Honorable Mention

John L., Elizabeth M., Mary P., Christina V., Olivia W.


Abigail D., Caitlin G., Alexis H., Aidan L., Kyra S.

Grade 6

1st Place-Sam S.

2nd Place-Elena L.

3rd Place-Vivel V.

Honorable Mention

Caroline B., Nyhiem J., David M., Alexander M., Emma M.


Hayley L., Sophie L., Emma B., Catalina M., Sara V.

Grade 7

1st Place-Joey Z.

2nd Place-Julia F.

3rd Place-Liana R.

Honorable Mention

Emily D., Alexander D., Chloe F., Daniella N., Ashley-Kate O.


Katherine H., John J., Christian M., Ashlyn S., Joshua T.


All winners received a certificate and prize ribbon.

1st Place-Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeder, seed & poster, a Jr. Birder book and a$25.00 Barnes & Noble gift certificate

2nd Place-Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeder, seed & poster, a Jr. Birder book and a $20.00 Barnes & Noble gift certificate

3rd Place- Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeder, seed & poster, a Jr. Birder book and a $15.00 Barnes & Noble gift certificate

Honorable Mention and Merit winners received a Why Birds Matter poster.

Each school received a PBS Nature DVD.