Take Advantage of Great Birding in the Meadowlands!

Red-throated Loon

As the spring migration begins, and with the appearance of Grebes and Loons, now is the perfect time to get out to the Meadowlands for some great birding. Many thanks to Chris Takacs for sending in his great photos and update below. More photos follow the update.

Here we are in early March, spring migration begins. Waterfowl are on the move north. Ducks are pairing off and most males are in breeding plumage. Red-winged Blackbirds and Grackles are arriving in the Meadows and singing up a storm. Tree Swallows should begin to arrive in larger numbers soon looking for boxes around the Meadowlands to call their own. Turkey and Black Vultures are beginning to migrate north as the raptor migration begins too.

Opportunities to see male ducks displaying for females are all around. American Woodcock are “peenting” and displaying in the evening along Disposal Road and Valley Brook Avenue. Male Red-winged Blackbirds erecting their epaulets, hunching their shoulders forward, and lowering and spreading their tails is part of their dramatic display to attract females. It’s time for the males to show off.

Red-necked Grebe, Pied-bill Grebe and Red-throated Loon were among the good sightings this weekend. 175 Canvasbacks are being seen in the Saw Mill impoundment. This is among the largest gathering of Canvasbacks in the northern NJ area. With spring migration underway, it’s a great time to go to the Meadowlands to see all these beautiful birds.

Red-necked Grebe

Common Merganser

American Woodcock

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