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Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Wildlife Could Use a Break: From Us

As conservationists and nature lovers we are all very much concerned about the future of our birds and of course all of our wildlife. Climate change, habitat loss and pollution top the list of issues that keep us up at night worrying if future generations will get to enjoy nature the way we have.

But at the same time I see things that many folks do every day that just seems to turn a blind eye to the wildlife that tries so very hard every day to survive right around our own neighborhoods.  Somehow, we have managed to disconnect ourselves from the rest of the world believing that what we do at home does not affect the overall ecosystem, but in reality it very much does and the future of many species may ultimately depend on how we conduct ourselves in and around our own backyard.

So If you are ready for a little tough love please continue reading.

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