Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

RIVER: Mud dwellers on the rebound


   The Hackensack River is slowly getting better in ways that most people never think of.

   It’s not just more fish and more species of fish — or more birds, and more species of birds. It’s what’s happening in the mud on the river’s bottom.

   Today, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission‘s scientific arm is announcing some encouraging news about the health of those little mud dwellers.

    Research by the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute shows that the snails, worms and other tiny organisms that live on tNereis_succineahe bottom of the river  are making significant gains in both numbers and biodiversity.

   (In the photo at left, researchers are gathering mud samples from the river bottom with a giant scoop. The creature pictured here, meanwhile is a Nereis succinea — or clam worm.)

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