BIRDING: Harbor Herons video

     This two-minute video is about the Harbor Herons Project, a collaboration of NYC Audubon, NJ Audubon, the Meadowlands Commission and many volunteers. Img_0608
It should be played with the "sound" on.
    Several great egrets and double-crested cormorant fledglings that were banded earlier this summer are now being spotted in the Meadowlands, confirmation that our marshes are pivotal to the success of herons in the entire metropolitan region.

 Here is a link to our previous post on the Harbor Herons Project, including a link to the project’s Web pages. 

   Click "Continue reading…" for more information and photos from this project.

    Dr. Nellie Tsipoura, Director of Cititzen Science for NJ Audubon, and Dr. Susan Elbin, Director of Conservation for NYC Audubon, designed this long-overdue project to study foraging behavior of the New York Harbor birds. This is the first year of the study.

   Funding was provided by the Education Foundation of America.



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