Daily Archives: November 24, 2008




The Record had a wonderful full-page story on Sunday about Francisco Artigas, head of the Meadowlands Commission's research arm.
    The story, by Scott Fallon, is a must-read for anyone who cares about environmental progress in the Meadowlands. Click here to read it.
    Click here for a video of Francisco talking about his unique method of aerial-photography in marsh reserach.


   The wild Monk Parakeets of Ridgefield look to be doing well.
   We stopped by to check in on them last week and found more than two dozen IMG_7145 sunning themselves in nearby trees. It seemed a bit odd to see a parakeet on a tree with dead leaves, but that is the way it is in this region.
    Karen Riede of the town's Environmental Committee says the Monk Parakeet population is around 30– as it was last year about this time — and that the birds are perfectly acclimated.
   "They all grew up right here, and this is the only home or environment they know,"
she says.
    The birds have been in Ridgefield, Edgewater, Fort Lee and other spots for so long that there is a strong likelihood that  this beautiful, colorful (if a tad loud) bird will be to the state list.

   A prevous post on the parakeets is here.