Daily Archives: November 17, 2008


Eagle jan 28-1    Channel 13 is airing a great "Nature" show on Bald Eagles this week.

   Although it's set in the Midwest (we'd rather see Eastern Bald Eagles), the footage is superb.

   It includes some amazing shots of a young mother eagle learning to feed her two eaglets in the nest, and footage of eagles hunting (if you are a Coot fan, might fast-forward through this part).

   If you are not an eagles fan yet, you will be after you see this show about America's symbol.

   (A reminder — an NJMC staffer saw a Bald Eagle over DeKorte Park last week, so keep your eyes out.)

   If you missed Sunday night's show, you can still catch it on Tuesday, November 18, at 2:30 a.m. (that's tonight, we think) and Saturday, November 22, 6:00 p.m.



NJMC's Erica Mueller reports:  "I talkIMG_6236ed with the Raptor Trust over the weekend.

  "The snowy egret has a badly luxated elbow and will not be releasable.
   "However, there is good news in that he has a permanent home.
   "He was transported to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday, and he will live there in the aviary."
   A great job all around.
   The earlier injured-egret post is here.


   We saw this growing out of a juniper tree while we were on a guided walk last week in Harrier Meadow.
   Some of us touched it — and then we realized that it was likely Poison Ivy.

   Any dissenting opinions?
   We washed our hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as we could, and got no rash.
   But we were reminded of a basic lesson of walking in the wild — don't touch plants, especially when you're unsure what they are.
   More on Poison Ivy here.