We saw this growing out of a juniper tree while we were on a guided walk last week in Harrier Meadow.
   Some of us touched it — and then we realized that it was likely Poison Ivy.

   Any dissenting opinions?
   We washed our hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as we could, and got no rash.
   But we were reminded of a basic lesson of walking in the wild — don't touch plants, especially when you're unsure what they are.
   More on Poison Ivy here.

2 thoughts on “MYSTERY PLANT

  1. Tom Burr

    Juniper tree?? (Junipers are evergreens). Was this in a nice wet area? Looks like Poison Sumac (Rhus vernix). Glad you washed :-).
    Other opinions welcomed.

  2. Tom Burr

    But on the other hand, the leaf scars look more like Poison Ivy, so maybe your first guess was right–but glad you washed anyway. Photos showing habit (whole plant) are helpful. Was it a vine or shrub?


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