Daily Archives: December 8, 2008



   The tidal impoundments at DeKorte Park are frozen today, as are the tidal pools at Harrier Meadow — though a Belted Kingfisher and two Mute Swans persisted.

   Birder Michael Britt reports: "Lots of ice, 71 American Coot and a Pied-billed Grebe at Kearny Marsh (Gunnel Oval)."

MEHRHOF POND: Ruddy Duck Armada



Where's Waldo (the Hooded Merganser)? (Click "Continue reading…" below for the answer.

   The above shot was taken at Mehrhof Pond in Little Ferry late last week. In addition to seeing hundreds upon hundreds of IMG_8264 Ruddy Ducks, a quick glance around this huge pond brought several Northern Pintails, Common Mergansers, Green-winged Teal, that hidden-away Hoodie, and a Great Blue Heron.
   Most views were distant: Bring a spotting scope if you go.

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