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   Just as the Sun set on a DeKorte Park mud flat, Jersey City and lower Manhattan (on left in distance), and Laurel Hill and the Turnpike (on right in the distance) yesterday, so does the Sun set on 2008.
   Here's to 2009 and the dawning of a new year.



Happy New Year!

  The Meadowlands Commission is kicking off 2009 with a Snowy Owl watch/DeKorte Park guided walk on Monday, Jan. 5. 

   Two Snowy Owls have been in the Meadowlands since Dec. 23, and we are hoping they hang around for another week (at least)…

   NJMC naturalist Mike Newhouse, who heads the popular Harrier Meadow walks, will be the leader.

    We will meet at DeKorte Park at 9 a.m. and, if the owls are still here, we’ll drive over to see them with spotting scopes and also look for Rough-legged Hawks (pictured above), Northern Harriers, and the local Redtails and Kestrel. 

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   This weekly feature is brought to you by the Meadowlands Commission's Parks Department to give you some historical background on how local places, landmarks, and geographical features  got their name.

 Map Robert Erskine -1777

The Kingsland Overlook, Kingsland Impoundment and Kingsland Creek

    In 1668, Nathanial Kingsland and William Sandford purchased the peninsula between the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, encompassing 10,000 acres of salt meadows and more than 5,000 acres of uplands, from the Lenni Lenapes.

   They paid: 170 fathoms of black wampum (fathom = 6’), 200 fathoms of white wampum, 19 black coats,16 guns, 60 double hands of powder,10 pairs of breeches, 60 knives, 67 bars of lead, One anker of brandy (1 anker = 10 gallons), 3.5 vats of beer, 11 blankets, 30 axes and 20 hoes.