This weekly feature is brought to you by the Meadowlands Commission's Parks Department to give you some historical background on how local places, landmarks, and geographical features  got their name.

 Map Robert Erskine -1777

The Kingsland Overlook, Kingsland Impoundment and Kingsland Creek

    In 1668, Nathanial Kingsland and William Sandford purchased the peninsula between the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, encompassing 10,000 acres of salt meadows and more than 5,000 acres of uplands, from the Lenni Lenapes.

   They paid: 170 fathoms of black wampum (fathom = 6’), 200 fathoms of white wampum, 19 black coats,16 guns, 60 double hands of powder,10 pairs of breeches, 60 knives, 67 bars of lead, One anker of brandy (1 anker = 10 gallons), 3.5 vats of beer, 11 blankets, 30 axes and 20 hoes.

One thought on “WHAT’S-IN-A-NAME WEDNESDAY: 123108

  1. Don Torino

    It’s interesting how the names of many areas around the Meadowlands come from The Lenni Lenapes , for instance I believe the town which I live “Moonachie” means Ground Hog which I could understand when every spring when they are enjoying eating my Garden


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