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Raptor update 020609

    The area by DeKorte Park continues to be Raptorville, with frequent sightings of Rough-legged Hawks (the photo above was taken early Friday afternoon), American Kestrels, Red-Tails, and Northern Harriers.
    Peregrines, Bald Eagles, a Cooper's Hawk and assorted owls have been seen fairly regularly as well.
    That's eight or more raptor species…

DUCK FEST on the Hackensack

IMG_7890    We saw quite a bit of duck action on the Hackensack River Thursday near the New Jersey Turnpike's eastern spur bridge just south of the Saw Mill Creek Marsh and the Conrail Swing Bridge.

     Our favorite performers were female and male Red-breasted Mergansers.

     These ducks areIMG_7894-2 amazing. We timed the pair of diving ducks when they dived, and they could stay underwater for 35 seconds and more a time in the bone-chilling Hackensack.

   At left, the female takes the plunge.

       Also on view were several Northern Pintails and Hooded Mergansers. 

   And some very colIMG_7895d Mute Swans were hunkered  down on the ice so as to almost appear invisible.

 Click here for more info on Red-breasted Mergansers.

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