Daily Archives: February 3, 2009

Audubon Magazine blog post on Snowy Owl invasion

IMG_0060    Audubon Magazine's blog, The Perch, has a nice post on the Snowy Owls that have been appearing in spots like the Meadowlands where they are infrequent fliers.
   Better yet, it offers some basic rules of owl etiquette, including this one:
"Do not disturb a sleeping owl, or chase it to get a better view or a photograph. This can be extremely harmful to owls, many of which are already stressed from their arduous journeys to unknown territories."
    The post is here.


Green Winged Teal
    Now that the tidal impoundments at DeKorte Park have thawed a bit, we are getting a nice variety of ducks again.
   Above, a Eurasian ( or common) Green-winged Teal hangs ouIMG_0107-1t with his more-often seen cousin.
   A check of the impoundments on Monday afternoon found Black Ducks, Canvasbacks (with that female Ringneck thrown in), Hooded Mergansers (right), Red-breasted Megs, a Northern shoveler and the usual Mallards.

    Birder Linda Gangi reports that quite a few Pintails and  Buffleheads were around on Monday morning as well. She also reports seeing two male Eurasian/common Green-winged Teal.