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Falconers talk to a class at DeKorte

   Three falconers visited the Meadowlands Environment Center in DeKorte Park today to give a raptor demonstration and a talk to an advanced-placement environmental science class from Lyndhurst High school.

    They brought six raptors with them to show the class. 

     We hope to post more about the talk — and perhaps a video — later this week, so stay tuned.

Birding Event for March


  The Meadowlands Commission is partnering with Bergen County Audubon Society for its major March birding event.

    "Birding for Beginners" will be held on Sunday March 29 from 1 to 3 p.m. at DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst.

    You can learn how to get started birding, learn about optics, and how to identify birds.  We will begin indoors and then venture outside to use our new skills.


   Registration required for this free event.

   Please contact Don Torino at Bergen County Audubon Society at 201-636-4022 or email here.

   Stay tuned for other upcoming events, including a Skeetkill Marsh clean-up in March.



About Those Cedar Stumps

IMG_9979    We gave a talk at the Kearny Library last week, and the subject of the Meadowlands White Cedar stumps came up: 

    These trees once covered much of the Meadowlands. How did they meet their demise? 

   We suggested that many had been felled to build Paterson Plank Road, as we posted on this blog here. A member of the audience pooh-poohed that theory. No, he insisted, the White Cedars were burned in the late 1700s to drive out early pirates who hid there.

    Alas, we had heard that theory pooh-poohed earlier in the week by historian Kevin Wright, who told us that they were used "to make water-proof shingles, pails, churns, firkins, etc."

   Who's right? And what's a firkin?

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