Falconers in the Meadowlands

  Falconer Erik Swanson of Lodi and two colleagues brought their raptors to the Meadowlands Environment Center earlier this week for a talk and flight demonstration for Melissa Manzella and her  AP Biology Class of Lyndhurst High School.
  Some of the raptors on display were like no other you have ever seen — including a Gyrlin. The name pretty much tells the story: It's a Gyrfalcon the size of a Merlin.

   Click here for photos of the Gyrlin and other raptors.



Finnish Goshawk
Erik Swanson with his Saker

Harris Hawk

Brian Clayton with one of his Harris Hawks


John Sediak with his Redtail


Finnish Goshawk

One thought on “Falconers in the Meadowlands

  1. Mike

    Raptors are the coolest birds. Meat ratters are my friends. Dogs are man’s best friends? I think not. Birds are! All joking aside most of my friends who have had pet birds have had their birds sadly fly away. Amazing video. The guy that speaks about birds really shows a lot of confidence when it comes to controlling them.


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