Redtail Rescue


      NJMC Naturalists Michael Newhouse (above) and Gabrielle Bennett-Meany rescued a Red-tailed Hawk near Disposal Road in North Arlington late Tuesday afternoon.
  IMG_3269 An NJMC staffer had seen the hawk, noted that it did not fly away when approached, and called the naturalists.

   Newhouse and Meany saw that the young hawk was emaciated and possibly dehydrated, and the NJMC's Brett Bragin brought it to the Raptor Trust in Millington for rehab.
   We will let you know of the Redtail's progress.

   We hope to release the Redtail in the Meadowlands in a couple of weeks.

  More info on the Raptor Trust is here.

2 thoughts on “Redtail Rescue

  1. Herb Flavell

    I bet that redtail flew into the power lines that stretch all a crossed North Arlington an a crossed the meadows. As a letter carrier Noel Dr and Pulaski Dr were part of my route. The power lines were in the back yards of both blocks and many times as I delivered my mail I would find injured birds. Sometimes I used the emergency phones on the pole and called the police other times I bought them home to feed them till they got better. Some did some did not. Once I had picked up an injured crow. I had it in my hand and a cop in his squad car stopped and asked whats that Herb. I told him it was hurt from flying into the power line. He said wait here I’ll be right back. A couple minutes later he came back with a box. The crow sat in the box in my trunk till I finished my route. He lived to caw caw another day.There was also a white mourning dove in that area I wonder if its off spring is still there.


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