The Barn Swallows Are Back — Bigtime

    Next time you visit DeKorte Park, take a walk on the marsh Discovery Trail.  There are swallows galore.
     Although the Tree Swallows tend to get the m
ost attention because they perch so cutely on their nestboxes, their cousins  the Barn Swallows may be even more handsome.
   In the shot above, four Barn Swallows perch on tIMG_4019he same branch.
    On that same tree, Barn Swallows and Tree Swallows often perch together.

   At right, a Barn Swallow takes off from the branch, showing his beautiful wingspan.  Note the forked tail.
   The Barn Swallows have been known to nest in the observation blinds along the trail — if you get too close a nest this summer, you may get dive-bombed.
    More on Barn Swallows here.

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