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DeKorte Bird Update 092409

Pec DeKorte small-1

  This morning we had two Golden Plovers, Wilson's Phalarope, Least Bittern, and multiple Soras on view along Marsh Discovery Trail, plus White-rumped Sandpiper and Pectoral Sandpiper by the pump on Transco Trail.

  Above photo by Claus Holzapfel.  (Thanks for the help, too, Claus!)

   The lower water levels in the Shorebird Pool will remain for at least another 11 days, so come down to DeKorte and enjoy the great birding.

Tuesday’s Bird-Banding Demonstration



    As part of our Tuesday bird walk, we stopped by the Erie Landfill in North Arlington to watch NJMC naturalist Mike Newhouse band birds as part of a research project to see how birds use landfills  during migration.

 The Meadowlands Commission is especially interested in creating new habitat for endangered and threatened species.


Mike banded one of the target birds, a Savannah Sparrow, on Tuesday.

  In the accompanying photos, taken by James B. Kuehlke, a friend of this blog, a banded  Black-and-white Warbler is released. (Thanks, Jim!)

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