Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Bird Report: DeKorte Trifecta



At 4:45 p.m. Thursday, we had a trifecta on the Marsh Discovery Trail on the Boardwalk at the place where everyone has been seeing the Soras and many have seen the Least Bittern.

    First we had two Soras, then the Least Bittern, then a mature bald Eagle flew almost overhead. Not a bad way to end September.

   Hoping to get a photo of the Bald Eagle to post as well.


Small-Mouth Bass in the Kearny Marsh


   When we were kayaking in the Kearny marsh last week, we saw many great examples of nature on the reboIMG_0210und.

   Now that the Meadowlands Commission has spent tens of millions of dollars to overhaul the old Keegan Landfill, leachate no longer seeps into the marsh, and catch-and-release fishing is thriving.

  The fish are not safe to eat yet, but they are another indication that the marsh –and the Meadowlands are  coming back strong.

  We watched as the gentleman who caught this fish gently released it back into the marsh.

   We also saw another angler broke his reel when he tried to catch one of these big boys — the old "one that got away."