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Sora! Sora! Sora! (Saturday’s Bird Walk)


   What can you say about a day that began with this sunrise a la mud and a pair of Peregrines rising from the marsh?

Group shot

   We had great morning walk at DeKorte this morning, featuring two dozen birders who heard only yesterday that the Meadowlands Commission and Bergen Audubon were going to have a bird walk.

   We wanted  everyone to see the splendors of DeKorte's tidal pool when water levels are low and birds levels are high.


 Highlights include multiple great looks at those (usually) secretive Soras, two Caspian Terns fishing near us, a juvie Redtail so close we had to move back to focus our telephoto lenses, plus those Peregrines zipping around the marsh and terrorizing lesser birds.

   Thanks to all who attended and everyone we caught upwith along the way during the 90-minute walk.

    Click "Continue reading for Redtail, Caspian Tern, Flicker and Great Egret shots from this morning's walk.

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