Daily Archives: February 10, 2010

Help Us Stop Trespassers

     DeKorte Park, with its square mile of land and tidal impoundments, is open to all from 8 a.m. to dusk, including dogs on leashes, but nearby former landfills are off-limits to the public, for all sorts of reasons, from public safety to on-going remediation work.

     These open spaces are also magnets Northern Harriers and other raptors (as well as birds like the Northern Shrike), and trespassing is illegal.  

    Last month, an alert birder saw someone trespassing on the former Kingsland Landfill. The birder notified us, and security staff for that site found the person and made sure he left the property immediately.

    If you see anyone trespassing on the open areas along Valleybrook Avenue or on the Kingsland Landfill (along Disposal Road on the other side of the road from DeKorte Park and the Carillon), don't hesitate to call the site's security office at 201-896-8100

   Similarly, if you see anyone trespassing on the Erie Landfill or Harrier Meadow (along Disposal Road on the same  side of the road from DeKorte Park and the Carillon,please contact the NJMC's Angelo Urato at 201-638-7064.

   Trespassers can include dog-walkers, birders, photographers, hikers and any sort of motorized vehicles.