Daily Archives: February 18, 2010

Shrike Update: Sighting for 5th Day in a Row

 IMG_0098  Donna Schulman reports: "I saw the Northern Shrike (finally!) on Disposal Rd., on the tallest tree bordering the far side of the retention pond, at noon today, Feb. 17th.
   "I could hear the shrike vocalizing when I first arrived at the pond area, but when it did not make an appearance after 10 minutes I walked across the road to my car to fetch my hat, turning my back to the pond and the invisible bird.  
   "And then, voila!  There was the bird on the tree!  It stayed for about 10 minutes and then flew off in the direction of the Saw Mill Trail." (Thanks, Donna!)
   For those keeping score at home, the shrike has been in the Disposal Road area for nearly 10 weeks now; Wednesday was the fifth day in a row it was seen near the Retention Pond/Carillon area. Some are calling it the most cooperative New Jersey shrike in recent memory.
   Tomorrow, we plan to post two sound recordings of the shrike calling. You can probably put it on your iPod/MP3 player so you can listen to this predatory songbird any time you please. Shrike autographed souvenirs will go on sale next week, at a place to be named later. Or not.