Daily Archives: February 25, 2010

Finally: ‘Super Bird Sunday’ Results

     Sorry for the delay in posting this, but we had a few technical issues and other glitches. Don Torino of the Bergen County Audubon Society reports:
    "Our Super Bird Sunday walk  had nearly three dozen participants — and several 'good' birds — including
Hoodies, Bufflehead, Canvasbacks, Northern Harrier and  Cooper's Hawk, to name a few. 
    "We had promised gift bags to the first person to see a bird named after an NFL team — Eagle, Falcon, Cardinal, Seahawk, etc. Alas, the raptors were on the thin side, so we gave out one gift bag to the first person to see a male cardinal (left), and another gift bag to the first person to see a female cardinal."
   The gift bags included free two-hour eco-cruises on the Hackensack River later this year, limited-edition Peter Max Meadowlands posters and other goodies.