Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

Marsh Wren Rescue

Takacs wrenjpg   Chris Takacs writes: "Sunday at 4:30 as I drove Valley Brook Ave. I saw a small bird flying low fly into a security vehicle.
   "I found it laying in the road dazed. It was a Marsh Wren. It probably would have been crushed by the next car if I didn't see it. This may have been the Marsh Wren I was fortunate to seen on New Year's Day.
   "I'm glad I knew how to hold it and warm it and let it recover, due to working the banding project with Mike Newhouse at the Meadowlands Commission. The little guy recovered in about 10 minutes, started complaining and got a photo-op, before releasing him back in the phrags along Valley Brook.
   "He flew off well, called a few times and then ditched in the phrags.
   "It's always good to remind drivers to observe posted speed limits, even in the winter, as wildlife still moves across the roads around DeKorte."  (Thanks, Chris!)

Last year in February we had….

Green Winged Teal      Here are some NJMC nature highlights from February 2009 (The Eurasian Green-winged Teal has not been back this winter):

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