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Bird Report 030110: DeKorte from Sunday


   Greg Gard reports: "During my walk on cloudy Sunday at DeKorte, my highlights included:
    Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk (Teal Pool), Cooper's Hawk (Disposal Road), Northern Shrike (Above, Retention Pond by Disposal Road), 2x Killdeer (Disposal Road, behind the Retention Pond).
   At one point I witnessed Northern Shrike attacking one of the Killdeer."
   (Thanks, Greg!)


Bird Report 030110: DeKorte from Saturday

Julie McCall reports: "Today turned out to be a good birding day at DeKorte Park and adjacent Disposal Road. The snowstorm and its results cancelled a prior engagement I had and freed me up to go to a program at the NJ Meadowlands Environmental Center, in which a naturalist from the Catskills came to do a family-oriented talk on raptors and reptiles.
   (I got up close and personal looks at a Red-tailed Hawk, a Turkey Vulture, a Peregrine Falcon, a Harris Hawk, and a Eurasian Eagle Owl, as well as a corn snake and a young alligator.)
   I birded on my way in and on my way out, and the results were pleasing, including the Northern Shrike and a Bald Eagle.
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Bird Report: 03010, Mill Creek Marsh

   Don Torino reports: "Spent a great  morning at Mill Creek Marsh. It looked just beautiful with the snow blanketing the marsh.
   "The Snow is deep so the going was tough. The trail is best done with x-country skis or snowshoes — at least until the snow level goes down. some nice birds, too:

12-Common Mergs
5- Hooded Merg.
 No. Harrier
2-Red-tailed Hawks
Coopers Hawk
25+ Green-Winged Teals
White-Throated, Song and Fox Sparrows
3 or 4 Mockingbirds

Flyway Gallery: March

Goodell5     Amazing photos of great blue herons, butterflies, ospreys and other wildlife by photographer Douglas Goodell are featured at the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s Flyway Gallery through March.
   The free exhibit, “Portraits of Nature,” runs through Friday, March 26.
   A Ridgewood resident, Goodell is the co-author of “Jungle of the Maya” (a coffee-table book about the Central American rainforest) and “Duck Enough to Fly” (a photography-driven children's book).
   Goodell also was a major contributor to “In the Presence of Nature” (a coffee-table book about a nearby natural area).  He is currently working on a book about photography in Costa Rica.

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