Daily Archives: March 27, 2010

Bird Report: DeKorte 032710

   Rob Fanning reports he saw the following today at DeKorte Park:
   -Boat-tailed Grackle–male continues–seen/hear in 2nd parking lot of HMDC.
   -Common Raven–soaring left of walkway overlook. My first for DeKorte
   -Greater Yellowlegs–8+ in flight–my first of the year
    -American Kestrel–2 males along Disposal Rd–my first of year
    -Ring-necked Pheasant–heard only–Disposal Rd.
    -Northern Harrier–3
    -Common Goldeneye–female–in w/ flock of 55 Bufflehead
    -Canvasback–1 lone drake lingering
    -Ring-necked Duck (pair)
   Pintails, Shovelers, GW Teal, Gadwall; Redtail, Killdeer, Tree Swallows
    (Thanks, Rob!)