Daily Archives: March 7, 2010

DeKorte Bird Walk 030710 (Brief) Report


   We had a great turnout for the Birding for Beginners Talk and Walk, with three dozen people on hand for the walk and roughly 50 for the walk.
   P1010683Highlights included the White-crowned Sparrows, plenty of Canvasbacks, Buffleheads, a few Harriers along Disposal Road (like the one above).
   The shrike was seen repeatedly Sunday morning, but not on the walk. (Something to due with his contract.)

 Debby Goldman took the shot below of the first turtle of the season. (Thanks, Debby!)

   We plan to print more pix and a full list on Wednesday. First turtle (1 of 1)

Bird Report 030710: Bald Eagle, Kearny Marsh, Plus

   Mike Britt reports: "An adult Bald Eagle was soaring over the Hackensack River by the Rt. 3 bridge (seen from Exit 16W) Saturday afternoon. Highlights at Kearny Marsh were Peregrine, Harrier, Pied-billed Grebe, and 30 American Coots.
   "Five White-crowned Sparrows (four adults, one first-winter) were near the entrance of DeKorte. There were approximately 160 Canvasbacks between the shorebird pool and impoundment. Otherwise, just the usual suspects and Harrier activity on Kingsland Landfill. Migrant Turkey Vultures were non-stop overhead." (Thanks, Mike!)

Bird Report 030710: Shrike plus

   Nigel Bates reports: "Along with many others, I observed the Northern Shrike [Saturday] along Disposal Rd at 4:45 p.m. (it made an appearance at almost exactly the same time as Friday).
   "Other good birds present in the impoundments and surrounding area were: dozens of Canvasbacks, a Merlin, 3 Harriers, at least 5 White-crowned Sparrows, and a Ring-necked Pheasant (making the longest flight I have ever seen out of this species).
    "I then made a foray to Ridgefield and found the Monk Parakeets (about 8 were visible) at the usual spot — corner of Edgewater and Railroad Aves." (Thanks, Nigel!)