Bergen County Osprey Nest

  IMG_3261-1 We are happy to report that Ray Duffy saw two young Ospreys in a nest on a radio tower across the Hackensack River from Mill Creek Point yesterday.
    This has the potential to be major news: We know of no successful Osprey nest in Bergen County in decades. These young Ospreys likely have a ways to go before they fledge, so keep your fingers crossed.
   For roughly a year, the Meadowlands Commission has been keeping an eye on this pair of  Ospreys. They had a nest on same radio tower in 2009, but we think it was a "starter nest" for this year.
   We took the photo on the left on Thursday but could see no young. The nest is at the bottom of the photo; a perched Osprey is in the upper middle of the shot.  Stay tuned.
   (Thanks, Ray!)

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