DeKorte’s Sensory Garden: A Work In Progress


   If you have been wondering what is going on near the entrance to the Marsh Discovery Trail, wonder no more.
   Workers are hard at work building a sensory garden, part of the Meadowlands Commission's efforts to make the park accessible to all.
   Here's an update from the NJMC's Lisa Cameron:
   "The new Accessible Sensory Garden at DeKorte Park will enable people with disabilities to more fully explore the plant life of DeKorte Park by using touch, smell, sight, and even hearing.
   "A stone retaining wall along an existing walkway will raise plants to within reach of wheelchair users. A short loop trail will provide further access to a wide variety of plants.
"Although designed for people with disabilities, the Accessible Garden will help enhance perceptual skills and increase sensory awareness for all park visitors.  
   "Construction will be complete soon, though planting will not take place until the early fall brings more favorable weather.  Signs designed for maximum accessibility will be added later.
" (Thanks, Lisa!)


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