Ron Shields’ New Kearny Marsh Shots


   Ron Shields has been in the Kearny Marsh with his camera at the ready again.
   The shot at left is of a baby Common Moorhen taken at the end of last month. The shot below is a Least Bittern.
   Ron writes: "With water levels extremely low, Common Moorhen and their chicks have been numerous throughout the marsh.   The exposed flats have lured them out of the reeds to feed.
   "Least Bitterns continue to be a regular sight at the Kearny Marsh.  I have been frequently kayaking the area this summer and have encountered multiple sightings on more than one day. 
   "They are easily identified in flight but, once in the reeds, they are almost impossible to find.  I've been less than ten feet away at times and still not able to spot them.  Their call and reed-rattling are their only giveaways." 
   (Ron says he has seen the Least Bittern as recently as a week ago. Thanks, Ron!)


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