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Bird Fest 2010: The Full List, Plus Rare Banding Photo

IMG_1664American Golden Plover 1 The Meadowlands Festival of Birding had a perfect alignment of the stars this weekend — great birds and great birders (and, on Saturday, great weather).

All of this combined for some great sightings, including Whimbrel, Clapper Rail, Sora Rail, Golden Plover and more.

(The Golden Plover pictured here was photographed at Mill Creek Marsh on Saturday by Kevin Bolton, using a digiscope. Thanks, Kevin!)

The full list of 107 species follows (click below if necessary), along  with a rare banding photo.  Please e-mail us if we missed any confirmed birds, and we will update.

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More on Black Saddlebags Dragonflies

http://meadowblog.typepad.com/.a/6a00e553bb7c2088340120a57da002970c-piDuring our morning Harrier Meadow walk for Bird Fest, we saw plenty of Black Saddlebags Dragonflies, which prompted several questions about this stunning insect — including whether it and its winged buddies were new arrivals.

We replied that they have been around Harrier and DeKorte Park for most of the summer, and promised to post a link to an earlier post and more info.

The link is here.