Kearny Marsh: The Latest From Ron Shields

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Ron writes:

Despite strong northwest winds, there was plenty of action at the Kearny Marsh [last Saturday].

Images here are a very cooperative Marsh Wren (no crop), a female Blue-Winged Teal.

I also had  multiple sightings of Bald Eagles.  I'm assuming that the strong winds made for excellent flight conditions.   (Thanks, Ron!) Copy of IMG_3843

2 thoughts on “Kearny Marsh: The Latest From Ron Shields

  1. Fred Rupp

    Bald Eagles by Kearny Marsh? I like to know where have then been seen at, By and or near Belleville Pike where tower road on one side of bell pike and Kearny marsh?

  2. NJMC

    Bald Eagles are seen fairly regularly between the Kearny Marsh and the Keegan Landfill. An MEC naturalist saw two high above DeKorte Park on Monday, and we had a Bald Eagle at Mill Creek Marsh at the end of October.


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