Today’s Mill Creek Walk

IMG_5886 Some 200 Green-winged Teal, a Peregrine Falcon and great looks a Golden-crowned Kinglet were among the highlights of the Third-Tuesday walk at Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus.

The two-hour walk, sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and Bergen County Audubon Society, drew 10 of us hearty souls who didn't mind braving some raw November weather to do some birding and enjoy this beautiful marsh.

Full list and two pix follows.

Location:     Meadowlands IBA–Mill Creek Marsh
Observation date:     11/16/10
Number of species:     31

Canada Goose    

Gadwall     IMG_6147


Northern Shoveler    

Green-winged Teal 

Great Blue Heron    

Northern Harrier   

Cooper's Hawk   

Red-tailed Hawk  

Peregrine Falcon   

Greater Yellowlegs 

Ring-billed Gull   IMG_6209

Herring Gull   

Great Black-backed Gull 

Rock Pigeon  

Mourning Dove  

Downy Woodpecker    

American Crow    

Blue Jay

Black-capped Chickadee    

Golden-crowned Kinglet    

Northern Mockingbird  

European Starling   

Song Sparrow 

White-throated Sparrow 

White-crowned Sparrow  

Northern Cardinal    

Red-winged Blackbird  

House Finch    

American Goldfinch    

House Sparrow    


3 thoughts on “Today’s Mill Creek Walk

  1. Fred

    Glad to read this post again, you seen some wonderful varity of marsh birds , and the Picture of Male Greenn wind teal very nice picture. I enjoyed reading the the post of out come of your walk. good job!


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