Daily Archives: March 6, 2011

Secaucus Woodcocks

Ray Duffy reports: "I had a few American Woodcocks calling around 6 p.m. Saturday evening.   This is a pretty good spot to see the birds as they do display flights thanks to the lighting in the park.  I parked in the lot across from the boat launch by the cricket field."

(Thanks, Ray!)

Woodcocks Near DeKorte Park

Evan Zupfer writes:

"Saturday evening I went to the Meadowlands to look for owls.  Unfortunately, I did not see any owls but the Woodcock were everywhere.  As I walked along Valley Brook Ave, the Sun already set and the twilight fading, a Woodcock flew right by me.  He landed on a gated side road to the east of Valley Brook Ave and began to Peent. 

"Then another flew over.  Then another and another.  I counted six in total.  Soon the area was alive with "PEENT, PEENT,  PEENT!"  They soon exploded into their flight displays.  I could hear the whistling of their wings but in the low light it was difficult to see them.

One landed on the side road with-in 20 feet and began to Peent.  He was so close that I could make out his mottled brown and gray back and pale cinnamon underparts without using my bins.  "Beautiful!"  I watched in amazement for 15 minutes or so then returned to my car. 

During the long walk back to the DeKorte parking lot I continually heard Woodcock Peenting and display flight calls. WOW! What an Experience! It was indeed a Woodcock Frenzy."

(Thanks, Evan!)

Just a caution that the borough of Lyndhurst does not allow parking along Valley Brook, so best to park in the DeKorte lot and walk. Because the light is fading, it's a good idea to wear reflective clothing and watch out for traffic. The area has its share of speedy drivers.)

Today’s Walk: Rain, Rain, Rain

A big thank you to all the brave souls who went on our free guided walk at Mill Creek Marsh this morning. We had 16 people in all, and though the slowly worsening downpour caused us to hang up our binoculars early, A good walk was had by all.

Alas, we did not see a certain rare gull, so I cannot say, "The rain in Secaucus lies mainly on the Glaucous." Arguably the worst attempt at arcane birding humor ever. Sorry.

Pix and a full list sometime tomorrow.