Daily Archives: March 9, 2011

Tuesday Teaser Answer

A beneficial bug larva, Rhinoncomimus latipe, is chewing the heck out of a Mile-a-Minute Weed at the Phillip Alampi Beneficial Insect Rearing Laboratory in West Trenton.

It's great news for the natural areas of the Meadowlands and statewide because the invasive Mile-a-Minute has been running wild all over the northern part of the state, with Bergen County considered the epicenter of the invasion.

Thanks to the folks at the Beneficial Bug Lab in West Trenton, this pest should be totally under control statewide in the next few years.

A link to the lab is here. More about Mile-a-Minute and Rhinoncomimus latipe here.


Woodcock Report

We checked out Valley Brook Avenue Monday evening around dusk for American Woodcock, and finally heard some activity around 6:15 (very distinctive calls). We saw two birds in flight as well, but it was fairly dark by then.

If you plan on checking out this annual courtship ritual, it's best to park at DeKorte Park and walk along Valley Brook — but be sure to  walk facing traffic and to wear reflective clothing. A flashlight is a good idea as well.

We are hoping to look for Am. Woodcock at Laurel Hill County Park tonight, starting around 6, if you care to join us for an informal, unofficial walk. Can't guarantee we'll be there but will try. Directions to Laurel Hill are on the left-hand side of the blog.