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Another Day, Another Bald Eagle

Copy of IMG_8412 Ron Shields reports that he took this shot of an adult Bald Eagle Tuesday a little after noon off Route 7 (Belleville Pike) adjacent to Kearny Marsh East.

(Thanks, Ron!)

Needless to say, this winter has been a great season for seeing Bald Eagles.

As the regional population climbs, we seem to see them more and more. With growing public awareness, more and more poeple are developing an eagle eye for these magnificent birds.

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A link to a South Bergenite article last week on local Bald Eagle sightings is here.


Bird Report 030211: Disposal Road Rough-leg

Greg Gard reports from Wednesday:  "I saw a Rough-legged Hawk (light morph) around 5 p.m. He was working the landfill by the Disposal Road. I took couple of photographs just as a proof that this hawk is still around." (Photo above.)

"Also on the Disposal Rd. I saw, my first for this year, 8 Red-winged Blackbirds (one is below) and 2 Killdeer – in the stream, by the gate  No. 6." (Thanks, Greg!)


Can spring be far behind?


South Bergenite Column: Tree Swallows

IMG_2601The NJMC's Jim Wright, who keeps this blog, also writes a nature column for The South Bergenite. His latest is on Tree Swallows. You can read it here:

March is a month of big changes in the Meadowlands.

The lingering snow piles and biting-cold winds finally disappear, you can taste the spring in the air, and some of our favorite avian visitors start arriving.

Ospreys, which have successfully nested again in Kearny and Carlstadt in recent years for the first time we can remember, should be returning by mid-month.

A few Killdeer have been seen already in Harrier Meadow in North Arlington, and Tree Swallows should start returning to the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s parks and IMG_2547natural areas any day now.

The Tree Swallows are the real crowd-pleasers. 

“We should get a few of these beautiful little birds on the next really nice day,” says the NJMC Naturalist Gabrielle Bennett-Meany (right), who spearheads the NJMC’s Tree-Swallow nesting box program. “But early April is when they arrive by the hundreds.”

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