Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

Tuesday Teaser answered


The answer to Tuesday's teaser is a Sunspotter, a gizmo that enables you to look at the sun without going blind.

This from the NASA website:

Care must be taken with telescopes and binoculars that students do not look directly at the Sun.

Even though students are directed to project the image on paper and trace the image, some students do not follow directions or get curious.

The "Sunspotter" by Learning Technologies and the "Solarscope" by Solarscope provide easy and very safe sunspot viewing. The designs prevent students from looking directly at the Sun and make tracing the projected image fairly easy.

Some instruments have special filters that allow for direct viewing. There are a number of good "white light" solar filters on the market that will allow you to safely look directly through a telescope at the Sun.

These filters can be found advertised in Sky and Telescope or Astronomy magazines. Coronadofilter carries telescopes and an inexpensive binocular with a solar filter (the BINOMITE).