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Yellow Warbler, Osprey!

DSC_1390 crop(2)-1 Laura Frazer took this nifty shot yesterday. She writes: "I spotted the Yellow Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warblers, and the Osprey (with dinner) about an hour before sunset yesterday.

"The warblers were at the intersection of the Transco Trail in the trees, and the osprey was on a pole just outside the entrance to the park." (Thanks, Laura!)
DSC_1423 crop(2)-1

A Great Earth Day Walk!


We can't think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than to show more than 70 people the natural wonders of DeKorte Park — a square-mile treasure that was once slated to be a landfill.

Once again partnering with the Bergen County Audubon Society, the Meadowlands Commission was tickled by the turnout — boosted by the folks at Structure Tone and their kids.

The young naturalists were tickled to be outside with room to roam, and curious to ask questions like: "Why do they call that bird a Killdeer?" (We forgot, and remembered after it was too late.)

Early next week, we will post a list of all the birds we saw, and maybe even ID the snake that a few of the kids found.

(Thanks to all who participated!)

Jersey City Peregrine Cam: Eggs!

Jcp-birdpic2 The N.J. DEP's Peregrine Falcon cam is up and running on a Jersey City roodtop, with at least three eggs being incubated and hatchlings expected in early May.

According to the DEP, there are 25 nests statewide — up from zero in the entire eastern half of the country in 1964.

How's that for an Earth Day message?

Link to the webcam here.

(Image of the Peregrine is from the DEP website. Thanks, DEP!)