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Bird Report: Ray Duffy, Secaucus 041711

Ray says:

An adult snow goose is hanging out behind the Xchange Place in the flooded field north of the boat launch.  It looked like an adult that wasn't associating with any other geese in the area.

 I saw an osprey on the nest at the train bridge, same spot as last year.

 I'm pretty sure I saw one of the Common Ravens flying from the nest at Laurel Hill on Sunday afternoon.  That nest is kind of tough to see in this year so I think we're probably going to have to wait awhile to see how many babies are in there this year.

(Thanks, Ray!)


Tomorrow: Walk at (Recently Cleaned) Harrier Meadow

Just in time for Tuesday's free guided Harrier Meadow walk, 20 students from the Ecology Club of St. Joseph Regional Prep in Montvale spent the better part of a day last week cleaning up the 70-acre site.

They picked  up several contractor bags' worth of trash and found was weird flotsam that came in with the tides (12 feet of nautical rope — still looped — a McDonalds Happy Meal toy, shotgun shells, a bowling pin, a doll leg, a Doll's head, a 10- foot piece of rebar, and light bulbs.

The work crew also cut back some of the runaway groundsel to restore part of the Harrier Meadow meadow. (Thanks, St. Joe!)

Seen at Harrier Meadow on Friday: More than 200 Greater Yellowleg, 8 Dunlin, a Spotted Sandpiper and a Wilson's Snipe.

Details of the walk follow.

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Help the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks!

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Just a reminder: The Meadowlands Commission has fielded a great team for our first foray into the World Series of Birding, on Saturday, May 14, and we could use your help.

IMG_4832 The Meadowlands Marsh Hawks will be exploring every nook and cranny in Bergen County in search of as many bird species as we can.

Your pledge on the number of species of birds seen by the Marsh Hawks will help support bird research projects in the Meadowlands and continue assisting students from Ramapo College of New Jersey gain invaluable experience working with and for conservation efforts in the Meadowlands.

For example, if 120 species are found and your donation is for $.20/species then the donation towards our research and education program would be $24. Donations may be tax-deductible.

Download a pledge form here:  Download Pledge sheet

After the conclusion of the World Series of Birding, we will send you a complete list of the birds counted and a letter documenting your generous donation.

Donations to the Marsh Hawks will go to support the N.J. Meadowlands Commission Landfill Bird Banding Project, which has been a great educational tool for Ramapo College of New Jersey students in recent years.

More info follows.

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