Bird Report 070911: Peregrines, Skimmers

Mike Britt reports:

Two Peregrines soaring high over the shorebird pool. Two Black Skimmers were roosting on the flats with the gulls/cormorants. Later the Skimmers were "skimming" and interestingly…one flew off high and south with a fish.

As for southbound shorebirds…a Greater Yellowlegs and 6 Semipalmated Sandpipers were on the flats at Berry's Creek…meanwhile 4 Greater Yellowlegs & 2 Lesser Yellowlegs were roosting at Clay Ave.

(Thanks, Mike!)

3 thoughts on “Bird Report 070911: Peregrines, Skimmers

  1. Pat

    Thanks Mike. How do you access the flats by Berry Creek? Does anyone know if Berry Creek is navigable by canoe/kayak and if so, where there is a place to put a boat in?

  2. Mike G.

    There was a skimmer working Clay Ave. at 5:30 p.m Sunday. Conditions were hot and sunny. There were no sandpipers or yellowlegs present at the time.


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