Mill Creek Marsh: Huge Snapping Turtle

20110702_7006Snapping Turtle 1
Kevin Bolton took this Digiscope shot earlier this — the turtle was one of a pair of behemoths at Mill Creek Marsh.

2 thoughts on “Mill Creek Marsh: Huge Snapping Turtle

  1. Herb Flavell

    He would make a good pot of soup. But not for me because I believe everything has its place in our life and a right to life. There are a few big guys like that in my pond including one with what looks like a bite out of its shell. It was maybe hit by a car. They like to nest on the dam of the pond but very few eggs last more than one night because of raccoons. To soften the dirt to dig they pee on it. Then dig a hole to lay the eggs in. Then they cover the eggs. Usually the next day the hole is open and the eggs are gone.


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