Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Coming Saturday: Meadowlands Festival of Birding

Passing this reminder along from the Hackensack Riverkeeper — the Meadowlands Commission is hosting the event, and the NJMC's Mike Newhouse (above) will be doing a bird-banding demonstration at Harrier Meadow. The festival is a great event for birders of all levels…

We hope you'll join us this weekend, September 10 & 11, at the 8th Annual Meadowlands Festival of Birding at the Meadowlands Environment Center in Lyndhurst, NJ. This is a really nice event that can either introduce you to the wonderful world of birds, or simply be an opportunity to search for migrating birds in a beautiful setting in the company of some of the region's best birders!

Full info follows. Link to Riverkeeper's Festival Page is here.

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Last Sunday’s DeKorte Walk

We had a great Labor Weekend Bird Walk on Sunday at DeKorte, with a nice turnout and lots of good birds — including three — count 'em, three — Bald Eagles and a Merlin (above). You can see from John Fagan's photos (above and "on the jump" ) how much Merlins resemble young Peregrine Falcons. Thanks, John!

And thanks to Denise Farrell, Julie McCall and Peggy O'Neill for the list, which follows!

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Looking Ahead

To see what we might expect in the Meadowlands this month, here are a few highlights from last September — including a full list of birds seen at last year's Meadowlands Festival of Birding. (This year's fest is this weekend!)

Sept. 8: Carlstadt Egret: Radio-transmitter recording

Sept. 13: BirdFest, the Full List

Sept. 17: Caterpillar Lunch

Sept. 23: The Problem of Released Birds

Sept. 27: Losen Slote, Last Day of Summer

Tuesday Teaser: Answered?

This was real toughie. NJMC Naturalist Mike N. decided it was a Mourning Warbler after much deliberation. Congrats to Rick W. for the pun ID, and Julie M. for mentioning the bird in the comments discussion.

Thanks to all for participating.