Daily Archives: September 16, 2011

Next Walk: Tuesday, Harrier Meadow & Bird-banding

We have been getting great birds in Harrier Meadow the past few weeks.

See for yourself on Tuesday when Mike Newhouse of the Meadowlands Commission will present a bird-banding demonstration, followed by September's Third-Tuesday-of-the-Month walk.

As of Friday noon, the American Avocet was still there, next to a Caspian Tern (above). Also present — a Northern Harrier, several Am. Kestrels and a pair of Peregrines.

Full listing follows.

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Tuesday’s Tough Teaser: More Info

On Tuesday, we posted a bonus Teaser, a  bird that caused much consternation at the bird-banding demonstration at last Saturday's Meadowlands Festival of Birding.

A couple of birders asked for more data about the bird, which the NJMC's bird-bander extraordinaire Mike Newhouse is supplying here.

The bird weighed 12 grams, and its wing chord was 70 mm.

We also had a request for a view of the bill from underneath, but we did not take any.

(We did seem to hear some rumblings about an Acadian Flycatcher….)

Another view of the bird follows.

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